Pen & Ink Learning started out as, and still is, a Berkeley, CA based service, that offers enrichment sessions in reading and writing, book group guides and writing workshops. All content is created by a credentialed teacher, for children in first through eighth grade. 

Knowing that in person sessions would only reach kids and parents in the local community, founder Amy Alessi, an elementary school teacher with over a decade of experience in the classroom, decided to expand the work she was doing with Pen & Ink. She took the ideas, lessons and methodology and created reading and writing programs and made them accessible online for kids, parents and teachers. Her hope is that these programs will help kids become stronger and more engaged readers and writers, no matter their skill level when they start . 


Why Pen & Ink Learning?

Pen & Ink In Person is a great alternative to the hustle and bustle of a typical school day where more, more, more is the motto. At Pen & Ink, we provide a place to settle in with a good book or budding manuscript and slow down and enjoy the process of reading and writing. Pen & Ink Products offer the same respite from a busy school day but in the comfort of your child's own home! 

No matter which way you work with Pen & Ink, there aren't worksheets or test questions! We are working with students and their parents to engage on a real and meaningful level with good books. We literally have kids put pencil to paper to get ideas flowing for writers. For kids who are struggling with something we provide the gift of a new way to look at reading and writing to help them learn what they need to know in a format that works for them.